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New product "HongXi silky glaze" tasting
2017/8/10 上午 12:00:00

CHINA GLAZE “HongXi silky glaze” also called smooth matt glaze, which is one of the special art glaze in ceramic industry. Glaze with silky glaze production of ceramic tile surface present silky smooth, fine and smooth tactility, finger touch like the glittering and translucent and smooth, like lanolin like a newborn baby skin meticulous smooth; Thermal stability of the product and the fouling resistance can meet the requirements of national standards.


Product advantage

1、Wide range of firing, and color is good, excellent glaze moist and smooth texture

2、High incidence range of color, tie-in inkjet technology colors more vivid and natural

3、Can match sink ink or printed glaze carving fine 3D texture

4、Can match embossment ink, special ink collocation such as white ink or ink anion

5、Resistance to pollution reaches five levels acidproof alkali accord with national standard

6、The wear-resisting coefficient and the hardness are all higher than the matte glazed brick 


Conditions of use

 According to the customer production process demand, on glaze color or in glaze color has the matching scheme, suitable for the temperature range 1180~1200